Feature rich File Sharing and Invoice / Payment System.

DistriFile is a very powerful self-hosted file sharing and invoicing php application!

LITE & PRO Features
Unlimited File Uploads
ZERO Plugins Needed
Download as .zip
Cloud & FTP Replacement
Secure File Repository
Invoices & Payments
Lifetime license!
Detailed System Logs
Many notifications
User Folders
Email Template Editor
Customize the Branding
Mobile friendly!
Auto Expiration Dates
Share Files to Users

PRO Only Features
Recurring Invoices
Reusable Invoice Products
Create Groups of Users
Share Files to Public
FTP Upload to Users
Automatic File Descriptions
Audio LKFS Measurement*
File Meta Data Details*
Detect Closed Captions*

What it is...

  • DistriFile was built by a broadcast television producer irritated with other offerings to send and receive files.
  • DistriFile can easily handle large files (multi-gigabyte) without any plugins to download. No flash... No java... Pure HTML5.
  • Interrupted uploads can be resumed.
  • The super administrator is in 100% complete control over the system.
  • DistriFile is powerful and simple enough for ANY person or business that needs to send and receive files.
  • Once you set up your users and groups, sharing is completed by just a couple of clicks or taps.
  • If installed on your premises, you eliminate the time needed to download a file from "the cloud".
    • With large files, this can save a lot of time which is money.
    • A user uploading to your system will be uploading directly to your local server. You have access to the files much quicker.

    What it is not.

  • DistriFile is NOT a service. It is installed on YOUR server. You are in complete control.
  • DistriFile is NOT a backup/sync utility.
    • Yes, you can download whatever files you want to your mobile device or computer.
    • Syncing can be bad... Why waste your bandwidth? Download what you need, when you need it.
    * FTP Uploads to users is available when you share to a user that has FTP credentials entered within their profile. Administrators can also add this information if available. Great for sending to television station representatives who NEED files sent to the station via FTP. They can also receive an email notification prior to the upload that contains a link to view the status of the upload.
    * Languages are being worked on. Currently English, French, German, Russian and Spanish is available. The language is determined by the accept language of the users browser.
    *The following functions are only available if your php.ini allows for "exec" function and if you have the appropriate program installed.
    LKFS (LUFS) Integrated Loudness is measured and analyzed by ffmpeg.
    File Meta Data Details and Detect Closed Captions are provided by mediainfo.
    Closed Caption Detection is based on if there are EIA-608 and/or EIA-708 data streams within the file. Typically broadcast files.